New York SHIELD Act the second anniversary

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SHIELD – Now 2 Years Old !!

The New York shield act quietly celebrated its second anniversary on March 21, 2022.  Did you miss the anniversary ? Just as quietly as it became effective in March, 2020.  Clearly overshadowed by COVID, the SHEILD act modifies the New York’s 2005 Information Security Breach and Notification Act (General Business Law §899aa)

Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data

Who should care and why ?

Every business in NY state.  The SHEILD Act broadens the definition of private information, and the definition of a breach.  Think you have to be based in New York ?  Nope, this expands to any firm that owns or licenses private information of a NY resident.  The act also expands the responsibilities of every business to protect information, the systems they must have in place, and the assignment of a dedicated individual to oversee cybersecurity operations.

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