Quick quote or a Custom Fit ?

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At PCF / Broadfield Insurance we represent multiple insurance companies.

In fact, we are recently ranked the 8th largest personal insurance agency in the United States by insurance journal.  There are over 35,000 agencies, so being top ten, well it says something about our ability.

Why is access to multiple companies so important ?

One size does not fit all.  Coverage’s vary. Your needs will change as the years pass.

Having many companies to choose from allows us to adjust the fit.  Not all carriers write all lines of business, or all types of clients. We are experienced in the appetite of multiple carriers, and represent hundreds of companies nationwide.

Something often overlooked in this fast paced media world is that “insurance is applied for”, it is not just “bought”.  As a risk becomes more complicated (with Claims, Unique exposures etc.) it is important to have an agency that understands underwriting, and can work with carriers during the application process.

Custom Fit

Does a custom fit take a little more time ?

Yes, of course and aren’t you worth it ? We are willing to spend the time, and pay attention to your personal needs.

  • There is no fee to you for this service, and here is the best part, there is no additional cost !!
  • This is always our first choice when working with clients.
  • You will receive an executive summary of carriers and results
  • We will provide this service each year upon request as your needs change, or carrier information.
  • We approach your personal insurance needs for all types of insurance, such as those listed on this page.

Quick Quote ?

Let us know if you have time constraints, and with your approval we can approach the insurance application process with this in mind. Some types of insurance lend themselves to a faster application and quote experience.  Some include Event Cancellation, Motorcycle, Boat etc.

Over 160 Years of experience goes into every client experience

Quick quote or custom fit, at Broadfield, we believe consumers should be educated on their purchasing decisions. You will learn more about insurance than you probably wanted to know.  You’re not buying insurance just because you need to. You apply for insurance coverage’s because you want to be protected, and this is important to us.

We offer more than just a policy

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