Keith Savino Father of the Buy Button Interview with Syd Roe

Keith Savino Managing Partner of PCF / Broadfield Insurance Services,

Keith Savino Buy Button Interview
Keith Savino Buy Button Interview with Syd Roe and Gordan Kendall

has been an advocate for the insurance consumer and agents for over 36 years. One of his greatest passions has been empowering the independent agent to the benefit of the insurance buyer.

Within the industry he is fondly known as The Godfather of The Buy Button….and for good reason. He has worked with multiple organizations well over 20 years to make this dream a reality. Now, with the help of Gordon Kendall, Director of Product Management for Vertafore PL Rating, it’s on our doorstep.

You’ll walk away with:

  • A short (and fascinating) history on rating (going back to the 80s, baby!)
  • Why The Buy Button is about more than 24/7 access
  • The 3 Myths about The Buy Button: online sales only, increased tech costs and commoditization
  • The impact of The Buy Button on the indie channel
  • The inside scoop on when and how this will be launched in PL Rating

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